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Free Car Safety Check


With seasonal weather changes having a massive effect on a car’s safety and performance, especially with worsening conditions in recent years, maintaining your car’s safety features are paramount. Knowing this, we at Station Tyres offer a FREE SAFETY INSPECTION, giving you and your passengers peace of mind when the temperature changes.

1  Full Light Inspection

As the nights draw in and visibility drops, making sure every one of your car’s lights fully function is essential. Checking all bulbs, switches, and connections, we’ll make sure your journeys remain bright.

2  Tyre Pressures Checked and Adjusted

With under-inflated tyres overheating, and over-inflated tyres negatively affecting vehicle handling, proper tyre pressure is essential during the winter months to ensure a maximum amount of contact with the road.

3  Tyre Condition and Life.

Of course, tyre pressure is meaningless if your tyres are in poor condition. With over half of UK drivers waiting to replace their tyres until they are no longer road legal, losing control during icy weather or experiencing a blow out could lead to disaster.

4  Coolant Antifreeze Check

When an engine burns fuel, only about 30% actually goes into powering the car. An equal amount has to be removed by coolant, or the entire engine block would be destroyed. During the winter, the ethylene glycol in the coolant lowers the water content’s freezing point -37°C, ensuring that no matter what the weather, your car is always ready to deliver you to your destination.

5  Front and Rear Wiper Inspection

Everyone has, at one time or another, experienced windscreen wiper blades that, in the rain, seem to just streak lines of water across the glass instead of clearing your view. During winter, you can’t risk this happening in a snowstorm, or even just a frost; as that annoyance may turn into a real danger.

6  Front and Rear Brake Inspection

Of course, proper brake maintenance can save your life, especially in dangerous winter weather; but it can also save you a lot of money. The difference between a brake repair and a brake overhaul can really cut into your savings.

7  Battery Check

A healthy car battery ensures your car starts first time, every time, regardless of the weather. If your car struggles in the winter, having to draw more current to start the engine results in the battery draining much quicker than usual. The last thing anyone wants is to be stuck somewhere, in the cold, waiting for someone with jump leads, so we’ll check if your battery needs replacing, and then advise on how the new one can be properly-maintained to last.

8  Oil Level Check

Responsible for reducing friction, and therefore heat, in the engine, oil keeps your car running smoothly. Unfortunately, as the oil levels drop, and the remaining oil gets dirty and old, its lubricating powers lessen, increasing friction in the engine. Friction leads to heat, and heat leads to damage.

9  Suspension Check

Supporting the weight of your car, reducing the force of shocks, and aiding vehicle control, properly-maintained suspension is an essential piece of kit. If you have noticed that riding in your car is not as smooth as it once was, making sure the suspension is functioning properly can stop an uncomfortable ride from becoming a dangerous one, especially on winter roads.

10 Wheel Alignment Check

Often overlooked, proper wheel alignment not only saves you fuel and money, since poorly-aligned tyres resist each other, causing your car to burn more fuel to compensate; improper wheel alignment can be dangerous in two ways. The most obvious being that you lose some control of the car, which you certainly can’t afford in icy conditions; the second being that it can lead to the suspension becoming damaged, opening you up to further risks.

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